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Points system rules

How much is one point value?

One point value is equal to 1 USD

Can I delete the post after I earned points?

No, you should keep the post as soon as your subscription is live.

If we detect that the posts you shared to earn points are deleted, we have rights to disable your subscription .

Can I use only my refferal link to invite people and earn points?

Yes, and it's even better because you will earn 2 points instead of 1 point each time someone click on your refferal link and visit our website.

Can the same person click on the refferal link multiple times?

yes he can BUT you will earn points only once from the same person.

  • The referred visitor can not be logged in / member on the website.
  • If the referred visitor hides their IP address or use a proxy that hides their IP, will not trigger payouts.
  • Referred visitors that already have a cookie will not trigger payouts.
  • If a user is excluded, their referrals will not trigger any points.